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Hi everyone.   Just a quick update. The shop is obviously still closed and it’s unlikely to reopen for at least a few weeks. We’ll keep you updated, but rest assured when we re-open it will be when we think it is safe for our staff and customers rather than when the government decrees we […]

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Books and journals from Freedom Press in 2019

Now that our latest journal and Anarchism is Movement have arrived that’s our publishing done for 2019! Over the last three years we’ve published nine titles with a really broad spectrum of topics, from our updated titles like Why Work? (which will hopefully be out in another new edition again next year) and deep ecology […]

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Angel Alley: Summer update

Thanks to an extremely busy spring at Freedom, which has included the launch of our new book, the latest Freedom Journal and being core organisers of an entire festival, the summer update is a bit behind schedule but worry not! Below is all the Alley anarcho-news that’s fit to print. In the Bookshop Thanks to […]

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Angel Alley’s sprightly Spring

Time for one of our infrequent updates from the (new!) desk at Angel Alley, so strap in and gird those loins for a taste of the fabled anarchist work ethic. In the shop The bookshop has hosted a multitude of events this month, in particular a successful fundraising quiz for Queer Care compered by one […]

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Fundraising t-shirt for Palang Hitam ABC and imprisoned Indonesian anarchists

We are working with Palang Hitam Anarchist Black Cross to raise funds to help their imprisoned comrades. You can read about their situation here with an update here. We will be printing a version of their fundraising t-shirt here in the UK and sending it to people in Europe, so that people aren’t wasting money on […]

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Go Fund Freedom!

As you may have heard by now, the Freedom Building collective is raising money for emergency repairs that need to happen to keep the building standing. We have just started a go fund me campaign, there’s already some rewards up and we will be adding more in the coming weeks. Go check it out here: […]

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