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Fundraising t-shirt for Palang Hitam ABC and imprisoned Indonesian anarchists

We are working with Palang Hitam Anarchist Black Cross to raise funds to help their imprisoned comrades.

You can read about their situation here with an update here.

We will be printing a version of their fundraising t-shirt here in the UK and sending it to people in Europe, so that people aren’t wasting money on postage from Indonesia and that the whole of the donations are going to help those in jail.

The t-shirt is in production and will be ready around the 19th of July. When it is ready we will be putting it on our website and selling it in the shop so you be able to get it then. If you would like to make sure that you can get one you can pre-order it by sending an email to shop (@) and we will email back to sort payment etc.

Here is a mock up of the t-shirt (NOTE the shirts we are printing will be white on black, not black on white as shown here):


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