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The Trinity of Fundamentals


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by Wisam Rafeedie

Liberated from Zionist prisons, The Trinity of Fundamentals is a chance for all those in the solidarity with the Palestinian struggle to experience Palestine’s national literature and take inspiration from its steadfast tradition of resisting Zionist oppression.

Twenty-two-year-old Kan’an is driven by an unshakable commitment to the Palestinian cause. Called upon his party and comrades to lead a secret life, Kan’an charts his own path as a revolutionary, from hiding in cupboards to battling the simple desire for companionship. Written in Israeli prison and confiscated by prison guards, The Trinity of Fundamentals is the fictionalized account of former Palestinian prisoner Wisam Rafeedie’s nine-year experience hiding from the Occupation, now presented in its first-ever English translation. From historical events like the First Intifada and the Gulf War to the deeply intimate moments of life in hiding, this story gives us a glimpse into a life wholly dedicated to the cause of liberation and transformed by revolution.


Translated by Dr. Muhammad Tutunji
Project of the Palestinian Youth Movement


1804 Books
January 2024
ISBN: 9798988260219
331 pages