Freedom Press

Through the Anarchist Press – a column in Freedom


by John Rety
illustrations by Emily Johns

From the blurb:
The writer was an editor of Freedom – the anarchist journal started by Peter Kropotkin in 1886 – in the ‘60s when it was a weekly paper. He has written Song of Anarchy (Hearing Eye, 1989) and contributed to Visions of Poesy (Freedom Press, 1994).

This column was born on a Scottish island and was devised around the notion of only taking note of what is written in the anarchist press, while ignoring the outpourings of the tabloid mush – hence the title. Readers can also have fun seeking out the ‘hidden’ words in the text.

The beautiful drawings by Emily Johns have been specially drawn for the book and comment on rather than ‘illustrate’ the texts. ‘Here be pictures of world events and the general concerns of life not too interfered with by newspapers.

Freedom Press
ISBN: 0-900384-85-9
93 pages
Black and White