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Spring 2024 Newsletter

Greetings comrades!

It’s a little chilly at the top of the Freedom building as I write, with a trio of pigeons glaring in from top the roof of Whitechapel Art Gallery, just across the other side of Angel Alley. Given the gulf between us, the only way to reach them would be by bridge, and while one used to exist for a while (apparently its floor is still cluttering the gallery’s store room) these days the closest thing being discussed is the installation of a colourful awning. So their rule of the rooftops remains relentless.

Regardless of such rude intrusions, we have many nuggets to pass on today with our latest journal, book and building updates.


Launching on May 1st, this issue focuses on ‘life on the margins’ 


  • DIY in working class communities
  • End of life ‘care’ as a migrant to the UK
  • Whose lives matter in the coverage of wars?
  • Trans anarchism
  • Experiencing Lutzerath
  • Satire(ish): A bastard’s guide to screwing over the disabled
  • A tale from jail for solidarity activism
  • Dealing with infiltration of groups
  • Sex worker rights and ‘online safety’ laws
  • Interview: Radon, an anarchist sci-fi journal

It will, sadly, be the first issue in four decades not to be made by Aldgate Press. Founded at 84b, for many years Aldgate ran a tiny outfit on the ground floor as a self-sustaining way of producing Freedom and other radical media, later moving to the Gunthorpe St Workshops and finally to Eleanor St in Bow. During Covid it lost around a third of its turnover which, alongside loans taken out during the pandemic, proved too much to bear. Our everlasting thanks and thoughts go out to all the lovely people, past and present, who made Aldgate such a special place. 


Our next two books are set to be pretty weighty tomes. Fight for a New Normal? will be out this summer, involving a considered look at the Covid phenomenon, from experiences of mutual aid organising to critiques of the State’s response. Among a cast of interesting writers mustered by editor Jim Donaghey will be authors Ruth Kinna and Rhiannon Firth, Jon Bigger and Elise Imray Papineau. Well into the production stages, we’re currently looking at things like the draft cover by graphic designer and artist Juliana Maurer.

Physical Resistance, meanwhile, is an exciting project by Louise Purbrick to update and expand her late partner’s historical work on anti-fascism in Britain. Much has occurred since his death and as editor Purbrick brings the story full circle, covering 100 years of direct action. A couple of relevant reviews from the 2009 edition:

“The strength of the work lies in the quality of the scholarship; the first hand narratives and the relentless pursuing of the core question of physical resistance.”

Working Class Movement Library

“Hann has done anti-fascists a real service with this book.”

International Socialism

We’re hoping to bring that out later this year, along with other projects yet to be announcable! And in the meantime, if you’re looking for our latest book we brought out Anarchy in Action late in 2023, with a cracking new cover, introduction and footnoting to bring Colin Ward’s classic work right up to date.

From the Freedom newswire


In the last issue we mentioned we were starting to raise money for various upcoming works on things like the roof, stairs, windows and suchlike, and we cannot thank you all enough for sending in more than £5,500! We still have a ways to go to hit our original target of £15,000, but the amount sent so far takes us out of panic mode and is already earmarked for various fixes. If you can spare a bit, you can pay online via Paypal (please note it as being for ‘Building Fund’), by cheque (payable to “Freedom Press”) or by transfer to Freedom Press, Act: 82946905 Sc: 09-01-55.

It’s been an eclectic winter and spring on Whitechapel High Street, with talks, meetings and a string of new initiatives such as Freedom Fridays on the third Friday of every month — a self-organised social which has already produced everything from board game nights to zine making workshops. If you have an idea or want to get involved please do pop down  to Freedom Bookshop and have an ask!

Particularly good to see, and related, has been an influx of people helping out and starting up all kinds of interesting new projects. Those interested in social media have been making some very entertaining skits about books, events and things of interest around the building, others have been making stuff like tote bags and zines, while others still have decided to try their hand at podcasting. Keep an ear out for a mix of old heads and inquiring brains babbling briskly about what anarchism could be, is, and used to manifest as in the near future. We’re aiming to put something introductory in style out for folks who might find Novara a bit limited and Anarchist Essays a bit dense.


PS: Our very best wishes also go to the avuncular Peter Good, who has after many years called time on The Cunningham Amendment. It was always a pleasure seeing those slim, beautifully-made printed works at bookfairs, along with their editor. All the best, Peter!

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