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Local Police Monitoring: A Practical Guide


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Author: Kevin Blowe
Published by Netpol
ISBN: 978-1-3999-4675-9
Published in print: March 2023

Local independent police monitoring groups in the 1980s and 1990s understood that to survive and sustain themselves meant more than simply documenting local policing issues. It meant seeking accountability by challenging state power: in particular the power of the police, one of the most formidable institutions in society that has so often strongly resisted change.

This campaigning model – gathering data, identifying trends, publicising local stories, providing advice and advocacy and turning issues into campaigns – is just as relevant today as it ever was. Monitoring an organisation that constantly monitors us remains a practical means of surviving violent, racist policing, in communities where this is a daily reality.

Praise for Local Police Monitoring – A Practical Guide

“This is gold dust. If you need to challenge police violence or build your community or are trying to change the world in any way, this guide will help you to build our power and dismantle theirs. Share it around and take heart.”
– Gargy Bhattacharyya, Newham Copwatch activist and author of ‘Rethinking Racial Capitalism’

“An essential step-by-step guide to building independent community power to push back against police abuse. Every community needs this kind of organising.”
– Alex Vitale, author of ‘The End of Policing’

“The advice and the guidance provided in this guide is invaluable to community organisers who believe in challenging power head-on through independent grassroots police monitoring.”
– John Pegram, Bristol Copwatch

“A clear and comprehensive framework to build and bolster community-led resistance to policing in Britain. Packed with tips, techniques and relatable stories, this guide is an invaluable reference for those new to police monitoring, as well as experienced organisers.”
– Adam Elliott-Cooper, author of ‘Black Resistance to British Policing’ and board member of The Monitoring Group

“It is vital that, as experienced campaigners, we are always ready to pass on our knowledge and our stories to the next generation willing to stand up and demand accountability, expose injustice and call for an end to police impunity. This guide offers important lessons from the many struggles in Newham against racist and oppressive policing and how communities organised to resist it.”
– Asad Rehman, climate justice campaigner and former chair of the Newham Monitoring Project

Local police monitoring and Copwatch groups can get hold of a free copy of the guide by taking part in training offered by Seeds of Change. For more information on this visit and scroll down.