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Revolting: Eco-Absurdist Rebellion


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by Julian Langer

With the task of Eco–Absurdism not being to change the world, the question is how do we live together? How might I co–exist with other living beings and embrace my life and relationship with them, with absurd and unreasonable passion?

The pessimist doubts that they can have much effect on larger social, political, and economic forces. The nihilist cares nothing for any particular outcome and may continue to pursue it regardless, but most likely won’t. Julian shares with the pessimist the knowledge that saving badgers from culls won’t end culling but knows it’s still the right thing to do. He knows that the goal of ending badger culls is unattainable without the collapse of civilization, but persists, nonetheless. He knows that all badgers (Meles meles as well as Julian himself) will die no matter what anyone does but continues to help others to live. The eco–absurdist cares only that they are alive. Whether or not there might be a point to living is a discussion for another time.


Reviews for Revolting: Eco-Absurdist Rebellion

‘Julian’s project is not to create some Grand Synthesis of various European thinkers. This text is more like a product of philosophical than academic rigor – and as a result is far more interesting and enjoyable.’ -Lawrence Jarach

‘”Revolting positivity” is a provacative concept.’ -Max Cafard

ISBN: 9781914567285
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