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  • Greetings Comrades,

    Is it possible to purchase back issues of Raven? I especially need #40, but also issues after that number. Please let me know what is available. Thank You very much.


    • dinosaur says:

      Hi Bernard,
      Yes its possible to buy back issues of the Raven. We have all available for purchase except issue 21.
      There is a list of them here, but i will email you as buying through the website is not currently working.

  • Debbie says:

    Only just seen this (it was yesterday. Damn!). Currently struggling with a knitting addiction. Would love to help the boiler fund. Let me know when next one is.

  • Hi. Do you deliver to US? I do not see that option on pull down order selection for country. Thanks, June

  • Hi Freedom-Press,

    since over a year i am trying to get in contact with you. I have spoken with Adam Barr, and he responded once and never since.
    Some friends and i have translated steve cullens “the last capitalist” into german and now we are trying to find a publisher. We need a formal confirmation that we are allowed to do this, because publishers won’t do anything without having seen one.
    so, PLEASE respond to my email. Sorry for seeming pushy, but it’s all getting a bit frustrating, as we put a lot of work into the project, and all we need is this little “ok” from you or steve cullen.

    all the best

    houssam hamade

  • Francesca Ter-Berg says:

    Hi there, are you still selling these? I’d like to buy the True Cost of Coal one if you are… Thanks, Francesca

    • dinosaur says:

      Hi Francesca,
      Unfortunately these sold out a little while ago and we haven’t had them back in stock. I’m not sure where else is selling them. Good luck finding them elsewhere!

  • Keith Scholey says:

    Just read this book and it is a paeon to bourgeois democracy. Fuck the Suffragettes! Fuck the Chartists! The vote is a worthless piece of paper. Parliament a circus to co-opt popular radical enthusiasm to change the world to the very opposite – the maintenance of elite privilege (and the creation of new elites!). I’m shocked that Freedom should have anything to do with a book backed by the likes of Corbyn and the TUC.

    • dinosaur says:

      David Rosenberg is a radical East London staple, well-known and well-thought-of in Whitechapel. That’s why Freedom are stocking it, we can’t let Corbyn spoil everything for us!

  • Clive Allsopp says:

    I like reading books and like to occasionally by a book by the postal service from Freedom Press.
    I tried to register my details with you by computer but you would not recognise my email and entry code.

  • Andy Meinke says:

    Hi Clive, not sure why that is, sorry about that. Will email you separately to organise the order… in future, email [email protected] with any problems and we will get back to you.

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