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Freedom Day: still open, still careful

It’s great they’re naming a day after us and everything but here’s our position on “Freedom Day”.

We don’t care what the government says. The level of infection is far too high and the rate of new infections is through the roof. Now is not the time to throw away simple safety measures that cost us so little.

You might have noticed in the last few weeks we’ve not been open everyday, that’s because one of our volunteers got covid and another had to self-isolate and we’ve struggled to cover every shift when short-handed. We’re just as bored of the pandemic as you are but as people are still getting ill we’re going to keep protecting our community as best we can.

We want you to be safe from the virus, we want us to be safe from the virus and we want everyone we all come in contact with to be safe from the virus. Almost as importantly, we want you to feel safe when you come into the shop.

That means we’d like you to carry on masking up and keeping a respectful distance from other customers while in the shop.

We’ll continue to have our “sanitation station” by the door if you need to sanitise your hands.

If the shop is too crowded we may ask new arrivals to wait until someone else leaves.

Thank you for your cooperation and we’ll keep doing our best under these difficult circumstances.

Our opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 12 noon to six pm.
Sunday: 12 noon to four pm.

You can also buy books from us online, we usually do two post runs a week.

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