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Xmas improvements! Get your presents here!

its just books

We’ve been improving the Kids section recently and have some new titles that would be good for those awkward presents you’re going to give this X-mas.
If you  have to play at consumerism, make sure that your conscience is clearer by getting the little ones something that doesn’t perpetuate the nonsense that they are being bombarded with every day anyway.

For the littlest nippers (0-3), there is A for Activist, a card book with an alternative alphabet. Its really nicely illustrated and there is the bonus of a cat hidden on every page.

There are some slightly more wordy books with great stories promoting the basis of ecological respect, tolerance and sharing in Five Little Fiends and (my favourite) The Day the Crayons Quit.

For slightly older people (5-7) there is the exciting The Big Green Book. Its full of facts and pretty spectacular pop ups, and even has a board game incorporated into it.

As well as the other titles you can see in the picture…

PS. We’ve also got some books for teenagers and young adults, with some on atheism, and veganism and the AK Press published youth handbook.

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