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TIER FOUR: the shop is now shut and new online orders will be subject to delays.

As you may be aware with less than 24 hours notice London has been put into tier four restrictions – a thing that didn’t even exist two hours ago.

This means the shop is now shut.

If you have an online order pending and you have had an email saying it is “complete” that means it is either already in the post or will be in Monday’s post.

We were going to continue to fulfill orders up to and including this Monday, the 21st, – but that looks like it will no longer happen. The next couple of weeks are a little bit up in the air for us, I hope you understand and bear with us.

If you make an order on our website today, the 19th of December, (for instance) we can guarantee that you will NOT get it before Xmas and you MIGHT NOT even get it for New Year… but… you will get your order… at…. some… point… soon… ish.

Before the government’s announcement we had said that we’d be reopening the shop on January 2nd after the Xmas break. This is now very unlikely to happen. However, we hope that reopening will only be delayed by a week or two. We suppose this is going to be down to whether rates of covid can be brought down by these measures.

Sorry to be vague but as soon as it’s clearer what we’re allowed to do, we’ll let you know what we’re going to do – which may not necessarily be the same thing.

Your continued solidarity means everything to us.

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