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Revolutionary Catalonia – talk


“Autonomy is not a broken sofa”

Talk about amazing self-organised spaces & projects in Catalonia today given by a comrade. Come & get inspired!

Sunday 16th November 7-9pm at Freedom, 84b Whitechapel High Street, E1 7QX London, United Kingdom

Cooperativa Integral Catalana (‘CIC’) is one of a large number of self-managed, egalitarian social projects thriving in Catalonia & now inspiring similar initiatives in other parts of Spain.

CIC is a network of cooperatives working to build another economy from below. One not based on competition, hierarchy, patriarchy, ecological exploitation and debt bondage; but on mutual aid, true equality, ecological sustainability and collective ownership. Its autonomous projects are integrated to cover all key aspects of the economy, including food, housing, health, education, energy and transportation.

A member of the CIC will be present to discuss these experiments and the wider political context in which they have emerged. Come and gain a unique insight into the inspirational work going on in Catalonia today.

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