Rebel Footprints is here!

rebel footprints

David Rosenberg (of East End Walks fame) has written another book about London and its rebellious and sometimes forgotten history.

We have it for sale in the shop and online, but more excitingly will be having David Rosenberg in to talk about the book at the shop.

He’ll be here on Sunday 12th of April from 2.30pm. Come and meet him, listen to a bit of talking, and ask some questions.

We might even buy some peanuts for nibbles.

David will also be doing a walk “The Spark of rebellion in Bow and Mile End” earlier that day at 10.30am. Have a look here for more details and booking.

(p.s. immediately after this event at 4pm, there will be a London ABC letter writing session in the shop too: sending cards and letters to prisoners).

2 Responses to Rebel Footprints is here!

  • Keith Scholey says:

    Just read this book and it is a paeon to bourgeois democracy. Fuck the Suffragettes! Fuck the Chartists! The vote is a worthless piece of paper. Parliament a circus to co-opt popular radical enthusiasm to change the world to the very opposite – the maintenance of elite privilege (and the creation of new elites!). I’m shocked that Freedom should have anything to do with a book backed by the likes of Corbyn and the TUC.

    • dinosaur says:

      David Rosenberg is a radical East London staple, well-known and well-thought-of in Whitechapel. That’s why Freedom are stocking it, we can’t let Corbyn spoil everything for us!

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