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Workers’ Control Pamphlets 1-10 (1968)


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The Institute for Workers’ Control was formed in 1968, building on a series of conferences over several years to encourage discussion and communication between shop stewards, workers’ control groups and trade unions, and to publish important materials on industrial democracy and workers’ control throughout the world. This facsimile edition of IWC pamphlets from 1968 (pamphlets 1-10) is published for the benefit of the public record and to meet the enduring interest in, and support for, democracy in the workplace.

IWC Pamphlet 1: The Way Forward for Workers’ Control – Hugh Scanlon
IWC Pamphlet 2: Productivity Bargaining and Workers’ Control – Tony Topham
IWC Pamphlet 3: Labour and Sterling – Michael Barratt Brown
IWC Pamphlet 4: Opening the Books – Michael Barratt Brown
IWC Pamphlet 5: The Labour Party’s Plans for Industrial Democracy – Ken Coates and Tony Topham
IWC Pamphlet 6: Workers’ Control and the Motor Industry – Bob Harrison and Walter Kendall
IWC Pamphlet 7: Steel Workers Next Step – A Group of Sheffield Steel Workers
IWC Pamphlet 8: Industrial Democracy and National Fuel Policy – IWC & Lawrence Daly
IWC Pamphlet 10*: A Socialist Strategy for Western Europe – Ernest Mandel

*IWC Pamphlet 9 was not produced