Freedom Press

Work, Language & Education in the Industrial State


by Michael Duane

“The nature of work in industrial society today is such that those who stop to think about it wonder why so many millions of otherwise sane people spend so much of their lives, apparently without complaint, at work over which they have no control and from which they derive no personal satisfaction beyond receiving a wage…”

“As well as the disparity in income/wealth and political power as between the ends of the spectrum of work, there is a third factor of importance. It is the degree to which the various categories of work require the exercise of linguistic skills on the part of the worker for their successful performance – …”

“Since no dictatorship can exist if the majority of its citizens have the confidence to exercise their collective will, it is even more important to bring up all our children from infancy in a democratic milieu, giving them the experience of making decisions over matter that effect them, as the children as A.S. Neill’s school, Summerhill, have always done. Democracy, like language, needs practice from infancy if it is to become as much part of our natures as language is.”

Freedom Press
ISBN: 0-900384-59-X
35 pages
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