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The March to Death


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by John Olday

From the blurb:
This book of anti-war drawings by John Olday, with quotations by Marie Louise Berneri, was published in 1943 when the war was at its height. All those associated with Freedom Press at the time was fervently anti-Nazi. They opposed the regimentation of society, the relentless propaganda, the way the elite profited from the arms trade while the poor suffered. These features were characteristic, not only of Nazi Germany, but of all the belligerent states on both sides of the war, so Freedom Press opposed them all.

Of the thousands who bought the book, probably not many agreed that all governments are equally bad. For one thing, the British government permitted the publication and sale of this book, which would not have been possible in Germany, Italy, Japan, or the Soviet Union. But the book gave expression to the widespread dissatisfaction with the old social order.

Freedom Press
First Publish 1943, this edition 1995
ISBN: 0-900384-80-8
83 pages
Black and White