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The Realization and Suppression of the Situationist International


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The Situationist International (1957-1972) has had a very productive afterlife. This annotated bibliography contains over 600 references that chart its rise to fame from obscurity to celebrity. More than just a bibliography, it is the most substantial reference book yet produced on the group. It also provides a gateway to the related worlds of underground publishing, anarchism, and the contemporary avant-garde.

In addition to listing and describing every significant publication on the SI, it is also a rich resource of information on related groups such as Gruppe Spur, Cobra, and Lettrisme. There are two sections solely devoted to documenting the little known British and American “pro-situ” scenes. Each reference is annotated with a short description and a relevant extract. With its extensive index, the bibliography provides countless new ways of examining and comprehending one of this century’s most misunderstood groups.