Freedom Press

Neither East Nor West: Selected Writings 1939-1948


by Marie-Louise Berneri
with illustrations by John Olday

From the blurb:

Here is a critic who was wise during the events.

These articles are a perceptive and prescient analysis of the politics and policies of the war and the following flowering of witch hunts of the west and the repressions of the east. Now we are away from the topicality of the dread dead disasters that spurred them, see what now shines through: the author’s warm humanism and intellectual honesty.

In the decades since we have gone from cold wars through detente to current glasnost. Bloody wars all the time. Marie-Louise stands firm for freedom, us against them. The choice before us all at every turn from entropy is expediency and comfort or the harder but more rewarding radical proposition that “an injury to one is the concern of all”. Read and marvel and work away at it.

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ISBN: 0-900-384-42-5
192 pages
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