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The Over Privileged Human


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Understanding and Eliminating Species Privilege for Total Liberation

In a world of hierarchies constructed by human animals, how do we amend our relationship with more-than-humans?

In The Overprivileged Human, human supremacy is challenged by expanding the social concept of privilege to include other species. Using a consistent anti-oppression approach, human-species privilege is put into context with the ideologies and actions that fuel its existence. Through personal stories, research, and reflection, The Overprivileged Human confronts deeply embedded societal oppressions by examining their history and interconnectedness, calling for an inclusive worldview.

Thought provoking and rewarding, The Overprivileged Human not only provides analysis and critique but also actionable steps toward total liberation.

ISBN: 9781914567063
Author: Amanda R Williams & Paislee House
Publisher: Active Distribution
Pages: 212
Published: May 2023
Format: Paperback