Freedom Press

Strip the Experts


by Brian Martin

From the Introduction:
How often have you found the experts lined up against you? It happens all the time. “Don’t eat eggs – there’s too much cholesterol.” “Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.” “Smoking causes lung cancer.” “There’s no danger from these radioactive emissions.”

In modern society, scientific experts are the new priests. They pronounce on all manner of things with the ultimate authority: scientific knowledge. To challenge the experts is heresy.

Yet it can be done. The experts are vulnerable in a variety of ways. You can dispute their facts. You can challenge the assumptions underlying their facts. You can undermine their credibility. And you can discredit the value of expertise generally. Their weaknesses can be probed and relentlessly exploited.

This booklet is designed for people who oppose a gang of scientific experts and want to strip them naked. It describes various methods you can use to do this, with examples such as nuclear power, fluoridation, creation science, smoking and health, and nuclear winter. Each of these shows how a small number of critics can mount remarkably effective challenges to a powerful scientific establishment.