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Eat Like It Matters

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Food choice, nutrition, and wellbeing in a capitalist food system

by Isy Morgenmuffel

Food choice in a capitalist, exploitative and unsustainable food system isn’t easy. This booklet is the culmination of years of being active around food – cooking, growing, mutual aid and community projects, promoting veganism, studying nutrition, autonomous health and trying to make sense of all the connections. Including our current food system, social determinants of health, developing more intuitive eating, plus new recipes (wild foods, ferments, snacks and treats, and more).

Eat Like It Matters is full of information but also encourages us to stop stressing and giving each other a hard time about food and instead build a better food culture together.

Publisher: Active Distribution / Što čitaš?
ISBN: 9781909798403
Published: 2017
Format: A6 Paperback
Page count: 136