Happy New Year! Here’s a top ten list.

The bookshop folks have totted up this year’s sales and compiled a list of our best-selling titles, so if you’re short on reading material after Christmas (joking, joking, everyone loves to get anarchists books in the vague hope it’ll keep us occupied) here’s the popular choices down in Angel Alley.

  1. Class Struggle and Mental Health
  2. Breaking Free
  3. i stopped drinking and i hate you all 
  4. Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism
  5. Beating the Fascists
  6. Anarchy in Action
  7. ABC of Anarchism
  8. At The Cafe
  9. Talking to Architects
  10. Fields, Factories and Workshops 


2 Responses to Happy New Year! Here’s a top ten list.

  • Clive Allsopp says:

    I like reading books and like to occasionally by a book by the postal service from Freedom Press.
    I tried to register my details with you by computer but you would not recognise my email and entry code.

  • Andy Meinke says:

    Hi Clive, not sure why that is, sorry about that. Will email you separately to organise the order… in future, email [email protected] with any problems and we will get back to you.

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