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The Poor Children


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By Suzanna Slack

Published by VF Press

A5, 164 pages, black and white printing, perfect bound, 2021

The Poor Children is a book of meditations on the construction of motherhood, gender and the carceral family. It is about the house, it’s about sex work and reproductive labour, and it is most of all a reflection of how we might think about love. ​

“I found it truly moving, eloquent, insightful, on almost every aspect of Love.”
—Lynne Segal ​

“There’s an achy, startling quality in The Poor Children that’s almost unbearable – but there is also magic, beauty, care, wonder and a hardcore honesty deft at unravelling the queer intricacies of staying alive, against all odds, in a heterosexist white supremacist world we didn’t make and yet keep waking up to over & over. The Poor Children reads like a playbook for unmaking and remaking our rotten, stinky world, stretching and bending what’s left of it to host ever more life, holding all living things from the very big to the very small. Suzanna Slack cuts through the dull illusions surrounding our modern day myths about money, marriage and motherhood to tell us tales we desperately need about failed social systems and slow collective healing. Read it now.”
—Dr. Sofia Varino
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of English & American Studies
University of Potsdam ​

“Their writing style is absolutely captivating and inspiring me to read more and to keep on reading. it’s delectable and unique. i enjoy a lot and it reminds me of the joy that is reading. a proof of that is simply the fact that from the get go, i’m not sure that i would have read something about this subject matter. They have a very clear working class critique that isn’t done in an expected or matter of fact sort of a way. i appreciate it a lot. thank you for doing this.”
—Liad Hussein Kantorowicz ​