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Leaving the 20th Century


The incomplete work of the situationist international..
“We are only concerned with the moments when life shatters the glaciation of survival”
By 1968 ten million workers were on strike and France was near revolution.
If any single idea lay a thte heart of May ’68, it was Situationism. The search for a ‘Northwest Passage’ from the banal tyranny of the modern bourgeois order into the ‘world that has never been’ was signposted most clearly by the Situationists.
Published in 1974, Leaving the 20th Century was the first collection of Situationist writing in English. Chris Gray, its editor, was himself a member of the Situationist International. Long out of print, it has gained an enormous reputation and now it is time for a new generation of readers to take up this remarkable book.

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ISBN: 978-0-946061-15-X
136 pages
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