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Innocence and Corruption


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An abolitionist understanding of youth oppression.

Innocence & Corruption by Aiyana Goodfellow is a unique political take on the social position of children – written by a teenager. In the history of all liberation movements, success is found in the elevation of the voices of the underclass in question. The experiences of youth are perhaps one of the last plights to be heard and this book is one of the first to explore it from the perspective of a young person.

If you believe that Black children’s lives matter, that we should protect trans kids or if you know disabled children should be able to live with dignity then please support this book!

Innocence & Corruption illuminates the oppression of children and teenagers: as both its own valid experience and as an inherent part of all kinds of institutional marginalisation in our world today. Weaving social theory, history, critical analysis, personal reflection, and practical action, teenage author Aiyana Goodfellow tears down adult privilege and forces the reader to reckon with anti-child ageism.

This book features a foreword by literary force Walela Nehanda (@itswalela) and an afterword by the wonderful Eshe Kiama Zuri (@eshekiamazuri), two experienced abolitionist activists and adult allies who understand that “Moving towards liberation means betraying your privilege. It means disappointing adults around you and breaking the adult conspiracy of silence.”

ISBN: 9781739514211
Author: Aiyana Goodfellow
The Anima Print
Pages: 168
Published: February 2023
Format: Paperback