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Fight the Fire


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We are in the midst of a global pandemic and we are entering into a deep global recession, mass unemployment and the threat of runaway climate change. In every country, a great debate is beginning. What can be done about the economy and climate change? And what would a green new deal look like that meets the needs of people and the planet?

There are many books on the politics of green new deals. This one concentrates on the nuts and bolts of the climate jobs that would be part of any new deal. This is also a book for reference, which answers many of the questions people have.

There is also a political thread running through the book, which is that we have to make the necessary changes to move beyond the constraints of the market. This book also deals with the global South as much as the global North.

You can read a free pdf of the book at The Ecologist website here or purchase a hard copy of the book from us.