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Land In Our Names Shirt


‘We are organising toward collective ownership and land stewardship by Black and People of Colour, to heal the colonial-rooted trauma that has separated us and continues to extract from the land.’

Front design: green lion and Land In Our Names logo designed by illustrator Nick Hayes

Back design: “Black Liberation is Land Liberation”

These black Land In Our Names shirts are printed on B&C Fairwear 100% Organic Content Standard ring-spun combed cotton.

About the organisation

Land In Our Names is a grassroots collective of Black and People of Colour getting land through reparations.

In the UK, ‘Black and Ethnic Minority’ communities are 60% less likely to be able to access green space and natural environments than their white counterparts (Natural England).

The collective is based in London, Britain, and works to reconnect Black and People of Colour to land, both in the city and in the countryside. Their work addresses the inequalities in access to land and food, and reimagines land stewardship towards climate and racial justice.

Photography by Ellie Ramsden for Freedom Press (excluding back photo)

Land In Our Names shirt photography by Ellie Ramsden for Freedom Press