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The book publishing arm of Freedom Press has a history stretching back to its earliest days bringing pamphlets by luminaries such as Peter Kropotkin to  London audiences, and in the modern era has published every year since 1984, except for 2012 and 2013 following an arson attempt on the building.

In 2014 along with the Solidarity Federation we published an annotated version of Rudolf Rocker’s Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism, along with Slow Burning Fuse. In 2015 we published Class Struggle and Mental Health, and in 2016 an edited, expanded and updated version of Why Work?, a collection of thought-provoking texts on work and the leisure society was published. In 2017 we brought out three titles, Anarchism & The State, deep ecology and anarchism, and a new fully-indexed version of Slow Burning Fuse, the lost history of the British anarchists.

A full selection of all books currently in stock at Freedom can be found via the Freedom Catalogue, and ordered via our online bookshop.

The Freedom Publishing group can be contacted at freedompresspublishing at, or via the shop phone.

To ask for a distro deal, contact distro at or you can order via Central Books:-

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