Phone line not working

If you phone the bookshop it will sound like it’s ringing, but at our end not a peep. Sorry if you’ve called and had no answer. If you need to contact us we’ll be checking our email ( shop(@) ) more closely than normal. We will be open today till 6 as normal. Thanks.

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  • Hi Freedom-Press,

    since over a year i am trying to get in contact with you. I have spoken with Adam Barr, and he responded once and never since.
    Some friends and i have translated steve cullens “the last capitalist” into german and now we are trying to find a publisher. We need a formal confirmation that we are allowed to do this, because publishers won’t do anything without having seen one.
    so, PLEASE respond to my email. Sorry for seeming pushy, but it’s all getting a bit frustrating, as we put a lot of work into the project, and all we need is this little “ok” from you or steve cullen.

    all the best

    houssam hamade

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