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We’re looking for a new shop coordinator!

Freedom Press is the oldest anarchist publishing house in the English language, and runs Britain’s largest anarchist bookshop at 84b Whitechapel High Street, London. As an important resource for the movement in England and beyond, we are looking to ensure the long term future of the bookshop and create sustainable approaches to keeping the building going. As such we want to get as many radical books into as many hands as possible, while remaining financially viable. Our bookshop coordinators play a vital role in ensuring the future of the shop and its ability to reach as wide a community as possible.

At the end of September, one of our shop coordinators is stepping back from the role and we are looking for someone to take their place.

The basic details are:

  • Trainee coordinator on three days a fortnight
  • Hours: 12pm-6pm
  • Pay: London Living Wage – £10.85 (£195.30 per fortnight)

Regular Responsibilities

  • Train with the existing coordinator to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to run the shop. This will involve sharing/learning about buying and selling in the industry, getting to know the administrative process, who to liaise with in other sections of the Press etc.
  • Help oversee book orders and stock.
  • Help to maintain our webshop and to fulfil online orders.
  • Manage shop volunteers and the rota.
  • Sort mail (some of this goes to upstairs offices, some is bills for us etc).
  • Assist in organising and running events (both online and, when Covid allows, in-store).
  • Any position within the Freedom Press group entails membership of the Freedom Collective. This includes a requirement that the coordinators report to and engage in its monthly meetings (this can be in writing if necessary, however particularly in the initial period we ask that people attend to introduce themselves).

General notes:

  • Previous bookshop experience is desirable but not essential.
  • As an anarchist bookshop a working knowledge of radical movements and publications will be an advantage.
  • Whoever picks up the job will need to be somewhat aware of the somewhat unusual nature of the role — including our eccentric financial position, political red lines, how we fit into the movement at large and about the occasional aggy bits. As such, a taster shift with Jack – our remaining shop coordinator – is strongly recommended.
  • Broadly, the job entails a high degree of responsibility and an ability to work diplomatically with people. The bookshop is our primary means of covering Business Rates etc and increasing income to keep up with costs is the main priority. As the budget does not currently cover a full-time staff there is also a need to recruit, train and manage volunteers who fill in on days where coordinators are not available.

Application Process:
Please send your contact details, basic personal info, relevant skills and a brief history of your political involvement(s) to Jack at [email protected]

Application deadline: 19.10.21

Interviews: Last week of October


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