The Blue Cow and Her Fantastic Exploits

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“Ever hear of “blue hours”? Blue hours are dreamers’ best hours.”

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by John Olday

From the blurb:
This unusual Freedom Press title is a work of genius. Produced fifty years ago, it remained forgotten in a filing cabinet until recently found by mistake. Although intended for the young, it is, in fact, both by the brilliance of the drawings and the surrealism of the text, surely even more fascinating to adults than to their offspring!

‘Ever hear of “blue hours”? Blue hours are dreamers’ best hours. Not those sunny hours when one dreams in the blue sky. No, I mean the twilight, the fireside hours. When the outside world begins to quieten down, when the crickets chirp in the fields, when the dawn comes and the shadows fall. Those are the blue hours.

You look up at the ceiling and it is as if you are looking at a sky of floating clouds. Your mind begins to wander from the present to the past, from the past into the future. And then … your room seems to be filled with blue mist and shadows, developing into forms. You watch them coming into life and disappearing. You see figures, people, in old-fashioned dresses. You see Indians, pirates, soldiers, princes, magicians, golden castles and silver mountain, flying witches and dragons. You even hear them’.

Freedom Press
66 pages
Colour illustrations (mostly blue)

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