London Rebel History Calendar 2017


Produced lovingly by Past Tense on a Risograph GR, this is a work of beauty!

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Produced lovingly by Past Tense on a Risograph GR, this is a work of beauty!

The fourth annual calendar features Past Tense selection of the rebellious, subversive and insurgent anniversaries: a date from London history for every day of 2017, strikes and riots; rowdy parties and occupations; births (no marriages) and deaths. And much more… We do it because we love it. If you find it useful, inspiring, makes you think, leads you to something you didn’t know, or just makes you laugh and dance with the joy of defiance – that’s what we were aiming for…

Written and designed by angry amateur hysterians, and printed in several colours by artisans in South London.

From the first page… “Welcome… to Past Tense’s latest annual calendar, a rollercoaster of radical, rebellious, subversive and occasionally simply strange anniversaries related to the history of London.

Producing this calendar is a labour of love  but it’s hard work. We’d like to keep on putting it out every year, but we need your help.. please send us more dates for future editions, from London’s past, from your own history… history and social change is made up of the daily experience of millions, so no event is insignificant. Even if you think we must already know what you have to say… we may well not… We’re here to learn, as much as to spread the little we know, and to inspire…

London has powerful traditions of rebellious culture, resistance to authority, freethinking and collective and individual contributions to transforming the world for the better. At Past Tense we come from particular backgrounds and have certain interests, and the calendar reflects that. It veers towards celebrating the grassroots, the anti-hierarchical and the anti-state – self-organised direct action rather than representative democracy, or dictatorial bolshevism. If you don’t like that, make your own”

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