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World War – Cold War


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edited by Vernon Richards

This is the Third volume in the FREEDOM PRESS Centenary Series covering the years 1939-1950. During this 50th anniversary of the declaration of war against Germany we shall be bombarded with books and TV series as well as church services throughout the country, and the government will not spare expense to extoll the glories of our fighting forces, or of the great leaders in the struggle against “Nazi-Fascism” (will they include Staln?). We are sure this volume will be the only voice of those who opposed World War II not on religious, or pacifist grounds but as anarchists and revolutionists.

This volume is divided into two parts, the first covering the war years, the second the years of the Labour government under Clement Attlee and with the emergence of the USA and the USSR as the World Super powers.

Features in this volume include a series of articles:
The slogans of WW2 (revealing the hypocrisy of the politicians)
The Industrial Scene
The Elections of 1945 (which resulted in an overwhelming victory for the Labour Party and the defeat of Churchill)
Post War Stalinism
The Politics of Hunger
The Welfare State
The Problems of Atomic Energy (and that includes The Bomb)
It ends with a section in which one asks Which Future?
In all more than 130 contributions in a volume of more than 400 pages.

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