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Wage Slaves: An Anthology of the Underemployed


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Screeching fry vats, customer combat, callous colleagues, and brushes with bodily waste… This anthology is an expansive catalogue of the trials and indignities of modern working life. Gathering stories and poems from around the world, Wage Slaves covers a range of unfulfilling roles, from fast food work to teaching, office jobs to retail, targeting all with a ruthless sense of humour and directness.

Contributors include: Colin Bancroft, Ben Ambrazaitis, Zara Meadows, Brianna Ferguson, David Butler, Alexander Williamson, Christopher James, Laura Newberry, Yewande Adebowale, N.J. Foley, Katie Jenkins, Jessica Hopsicker, Pramod Subbaraman, Matthew Stewart, E. Hartley Smith, cathryn mccarthy, James Rance, Doctor Galvanic, Alan Kissane, Bob the Elder (Bernard Pearson), Kat Payne Ware, and Mark Grainger.

Acid Bath Publishing

Cover art by James Rance

ISBN: 978-1-8381789-0-1

60 pages, A5