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Very Authentic Person – Kat Sinclair


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“Very Authentic Person announces itself as a treatise on alienation: here we have spirals of self-regard and negation, all narrated by a voice that gives each object it uses or doesn’t use a shot at taking itself over. Each poem moves the self across a world of sensual particulars and geographical specificities by way of inadequate British transport infrastructure. But each journey and each dissolution of the self is made to be there for a comrade or a loved one. It’s rare to read digressive verse that has such a strong sense of rhythm and purpose. This book is a love song that can outlast the rail replacement bus journey.”

– Samuel Solomon, author of Special Subcommittee


Kat Sinclair is a doctoral student at the University of Sussex, researching the political economy of feminised robots. She is the author of The Very Real Prospect (Face Press and Earthbound Press, 2019) and a number of poorly stapled pamphlets printed in her bedroom. She is also a member of the Devil’s Dyke Network, a queer feminist arts collective in Brighton.