The Raven (individual issues)

The first issue of Freedom Press’ quarterly review came out in 1986 marking the hundredth anniversary of the paper.

It continued for 43 issues. The first 9 (almost) are mixed in topic, after that they become themed.

Below is a breakdown of the contents of the first few mixed quarterlies, those other themed collections are self explanatory and are described in the drop down menu below.

1: Articles include Heiner Becker on the history of Freedom Press 1886-1928, Colin Ward on Anarchism and the Informal Economy, Bob James on Anarchists in Australia 1886-1986, Nicholas Walter on Guy Aldred. 96 pages

2: Articles include Colin Ward on Self-Help in Urban Renewal, Dave Koven on Walden Centre and School, Heiner Becker on Johann Neve 1844-1896, Geoffrey Ostergaard on Indian  Anarchism. 96 pages

3: Articles include Colin Ward on The Path Not Taken, Tony Gibson on Burgess Hill School, Murray Bookchin on Social Ecology, Donald Rooum on Anarchism and Selfishness. 96 pages

4: Articles include Heiner Becker on Johann Most, Paul Rabin on Computers and Anarchism, David Pepper on The Geography of An Anarchist Britain, Nicholas Walter on Rudolf Rocker. 96 pages

5: Articles include Caroline Robertson on Victor B Neuburg, Brian Richardson on Modern Architecture, Colin Ward on the Thinner City, George Walford on the Source of Anarchism and illustrations from Clifford Harper. 96 pages

6: Articles include George Woodcock on Tradition and Revolution, Heiner Becker on Dr Nathan-Ganz, Brian Richardson on Architecture for All, Peter Gibson on Anarchism and the Selfish Gene and illustrations from Cliffor Harper. 96 pages

7: Articles include Harold Barclay on Acephalous Systems, Heiner Becker on Kropotkin as Historian, Nicholas Walter on Emma Goldman’s Disillusionment, Jean Raison on Sade and Sadism. 96 pages

8: On Revolution

9: Articles include Serge Cipko on Bakunin and Nations, Laslo Sekelj on Anarcho-Communism, Colin Ward on Architecture, Brian Morris on Sociobiology, Don Alexander on Human Nature. 96 pages

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