Freedom Press

The Raven (individual issues)

The first issue of Freedom Press’ quarterly review came out in 1986 marking the hundredth anniversary of the paper.

It continued for 43 issues. The first 9 (almost) are mixed in topic, after that they become themed.

Below is a breakdown of the contents of the first few mixed quarterlies, those other themed collections are self explanatory and are described in the drop down menu below.

1: Articles include Heiner Becker on the history of Freedom Press 1886-1928, Colin Ward on Anarchism and the Informal Economy, Bob James on Anarchists in Australia 1886-1986, Nicholas Walter on Guy Aldred. 96 pages

2: Articles include Colin Ward on Self-Help in Urban Renewal, Dave Koven on Walden Centre and School, Heiner Becker on Johann Neve 1844-1896, Geoffrey Ostergaard on Indian  Anarchism. 96 pages

3: Articles include Colin Ward on The Path Not Taken, Tony Gibson on Burgess Hill School, Murray Bookchin on Social Ecology, Donald Rooum on Anarchism and Selfishness. 96 pages

4: Articles include Heiner Becker on Johann Most, Paul Rabin on Computers and Anarchism, David Pepper on The Geography of An Anarchist Britain, Nicholas Walter on Rudolf Rocker. 96 pages

5: Articles include Caroline Robertson on Victor B Neuburg, Brian Richardson on Modern Architecture, Colin Ward on the Thinner City, George Walford on the Source of Anarchism and illustrations from Clifford Harper. 96 pages

6: Articles include George Woodcock on Tradition and Revolution, Heiner Becker on Dr Nathan-Ganz, Brian Richardson on Architecture for All, Peter Gibson on Anarchism and the Selfish Gene and illustrations from Cliffor Harper. 96 pages

7: Articles include Harold Barclay on Acephalous Systems, Heiner Becker on Kropotkin as Historian, Nicholas Walter on Emma Goldman’s Disillusionment, Jean Raison on Sade and Sadism. 96 pages

8: On Revolution

9: Articles include Serge Cipko on Bakunin and Nations, Laslo Sekelj on Anarcho-Communism, Colin Ward on Architecture, Brian Morris on Sociobiology, Don Alexander on Human Nature. 96 pages

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