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The New Far Right and How to Fight it


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The far right is surging across the world, taking new forms and adopting new strategies as it works to roll back social advances, retrench capitalist exploitation, and repress the left.

Anti-fascists are fighting back. Despite dark and challenging developments, huge numbers of ordinary people around the world are taking action to defend their lives and their communities from the forces of violent reaction. For all that has changed, it remains the case that we cannot rely on the state, or on the institutions and ideals of liberal democracy, as a bulwark against fascism.

The anti-fascist struggle is a real force in motion – one which incorporates many different elements, and which continually finds natural connections with broader movements against oppression as well as with class struggle. Like any such movement, anti-fascism can benefit from a sharp analysis and an understanding of strategy – not only must we know our enemies and understand how they differ from previous far-right threats, but we must also think critically about our own tactics.

In this new pamphlet published by rs21, writers take on theoretical and practical questions relating to the politics of today’s far right and anti-fascist strategy.

  • Convergence and breakdown: understanding the new far right – David Renton
  • Always anti-fascist, always anti‑sexist – Kate Bradley
  • Police pens and black blocs: towards a new anti‑fascist movement – Hannah Z
  • What is fascism, now? – Anindya Bhattacharyya