Freedom Press

The Free


by M Gilliland

From the blurb:

“I seen all this coming for a long, long time. I seen us reduced to begging and I seen the coppers raiding, I seen them destroying the houses and I seen the prisons filled up to bursting. I have seen the youth, pulling at their bonds and longing to be free.”

There’s one thing Linda knows about, and that’s the longing to be free. Everywhere she turns, she’s hemmed in: by her teachers, by her Dad, by everyone who labels her a ‘bad girl’. But when she floors Sister Bernadette with a right hook, things really start to change…

This is Linda’s story along with that of Barney, Maker and thousands of others. They are ‘the Free’, spreading their Co-ops and Free Unions across the country. This book charts their rise and their eventual fate in a stunning tale of love and longing, anger and rebellion. And along the way it gives a glimpse of the brilliant new world waiting to be built on the ashes of the old.

Attack International
ISBN: 0-9514261-3-3
150 pages
Black and White