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The Employment Question and other essays


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by Denis Pym

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‘Full employment’ and the monopoly we give to economic institutions over the creation of wealth can no longer be sustained. The ideology which may once have nurtured them is dead. The future lies in the diminution of external authorities by making our social and economic lives one. This process requires an ethic of ‘resourcefulness’ upon which is good organization and human dignity and self-respect can be built. In Denis Pym’s view we begin to resolve the conflict between organization and freedom by locating the responsibility and authority for organization in ourselves and we can use technology to this end.

These essays began by examining the disaster that employment has become – the example, par excellence, of our over-dependence on a range of artefacts which includes writing, the print and the computer. Self-employment and co-operation between the self-employed, not more employment, is the way through our institutional morass. In other essays Pym explores some of the social aspects of a ‘community economy’ and the place of a heroic figure, the bricoleur, in sustaining tasks and relations in community resourcefulness.

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