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The Chip Butty Vegan


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From the author;

Why have I put these recipes together? I believe that most people when they first turn either veggie or vegan, go and buy a veggie a recipe book and get a lot of special ingredients and strange foods that they have never tried before. After trying all the recipes for a few weeks they get fed up of the extreme change to their diet and stop being a veggie or vegan because it’s too much like hard work. They may also be put off by foods that they’re not use to, or its too expensive getting all those new weird and wonderful ingredients.
So what I have tried to do is make recipes that anyone can follow. The ingredients are basic and easy to get hold of. The meals themselves are what us ordinary folk eat, instead of lentils, which I actually quite like myself. You can get most, if not all, of the ingredients from your local supermarket or health shop. They should not be too expensive, are easy to get hold of and easy to make. I hope that you will enjoy them. So no excuses, get cooking and stay veggie or better still stay vegan.