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Renegade – Jane Austin


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Justin, a popular Leeds professor, seeks redemption in the ashes of youthful idealism. Holding together his family is already a struggle as his son, Sanjay, is drawn into radical politics by his lover Farida, who joins a Kurdish Women’s militia to fight ISIS. With nerves already frayed, Justin’s wife, Harpreet, is devastated when revelations of his past as an urban bomber come to light, turning his life upside down.

Can love and loyalty prevent this family from imploding?

Jane Austin’s second novel, Renegade is a compelling story of 70s rebellion, revolution in Rojava and a family in a tailspin; a tale that touches the beating heart of our times.

From 1970s violent anarchy in Notting Hill to respectability as a happily married university professor: can Justin come to terms with the guilt of his past? This evocative historical novel also explores the nature of libertarian ideals in the contemporary world. An absorbing read.

Dr Jeremy Worman, writer and critic