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Pioneers of Ecological Humanism


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by Brian Morris

There is an ecological tradition that repudiates both mechanism and spiritualism, that while critiquing industrial capitalism and the megamachine, along with its anthropocentric and dualistic paradigm, does not go to the other extreme and embrace primitivism or some form of religious metaphysic. This is the tradition of organic or ecological humanism, a tradition that is particularly associated with three pioneer social ecologists: Lewis Mumford, René Dubos and Murray Bookchin. This book aims to provide a critical introduction to the ecological philosophy of these three important public intellectuals. Sadly neglected by environmental philosophers, they are the true pioneers—not the likes of Bateson and Capra—in the continuing development of a new philosophy of nature, an ecological worldview, in the postwar years

Hardcover: 274 pages

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Publisher: Book Guild Ltd, 2012

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9781846247149

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