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Pie Any Means Necessary


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What do Bill Gates, Milton Freidman, William F Buckley, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, Sylvester Stallone, Canadian Premier Jean Chretien, Swedish King Carl Gustaf, Ronald McDonald, Timothy Leary, Eldridge Cleaver, Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling, World Trade Organisation Director Renato Ruggiero and Andy Warhol have in common? They’ve all been pied by the Biotic Baking Brigade, and its cohorts around the world!

The fine art of landing a freshly-baked delicacy in the face of the reactionary, pompous and otherwise deserving has a been long, and venerable tradition. As a way of highlighting a particular cause, gaining often spectacular media attention, or merely bringing the lofty down a crust or two, there is nothing quite so fine as a cream pie. This anthology cooks up an intoxicating melange of history, analysis, tactics and recipes for this most edible of the political direct action techniques. Tips from experienced pie-ers on the best way to slip into a shareholders meeting unobserved–ammunition in hand – blend deliciously with tried and tested recipes delectable vegan pastries (perfect for launching, or dining upon). Generously sprinkled with some of the punchiest, wittiest communiques explaining just why those responsible for environmental destruction might be in line for their just desserts and the theory behind why pieing–why now.