Organise! …for revolutionary anarchism


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Twice a year the Anarchist Federation produce Organise! magazine. It’s focus is on developing anarchist communist theory, practice, and analysis of the world at large. It also contains reviews of new books from anarchist writers and has a regular arts segment.

Issue 90 is the latest and includes: Transphobia as a Class Issue; Statement following London Anarchist Bookfair of October 2017; I’m Not even Going to Try and Pass; Rest in Power, Ursula; Gendered Language in Ursula Le Guin’s Gethen Stories; Assigned Male Comics; Social Anarchist Futures; Apologia for Killmonger; FALC: On Punching Left; June 11th; Anarchist International Solidarity with the Mapuche Resistance: Marichiweu!; Campaign to Protect Pont Valley; CRIBS and Solidarity for Refugee Families; Education by Stealth; Subversive Cuisine; Listen Gamer!; Moscow Death Brigade; Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages; Anna Capbell-RIP; AF Publications.

Anarchist Federation
50 pages
Black and White