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Night of the world


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“This exhilarating novel-poem situated in a dystopian future, is a quest to find out what is distinctive about humankind, a poetic and vigorous praise of reading, knowledge and art as the only way to survive. The Night of the World makes indeed a beautiful, powerful and meaningful reading that stays with you for a long time.”

– Cristina Fuentes De La Roche OBE, Hay Literary Festival International Director

Oscar Guardiola-Rivera is the author of two critically acclaimed books, What If Latin America Ruled the World?(Bloomsbury, 2010) winner of the Frantz Fanon Award, and Story of a Death Foretold (Bloomsbury, 2013) shortlisted for the 2014 Bread & Roses Award. More recently, In Defence of Armed/Art Struggle (Bogota: UTadeo, 2019), “A Future for the Philosophy of Liberation” in Decolonising Ethics (Pennsylvania University Press, 2020), and the poem Night of the World (The 87 Press, forthcoming 2021). Professor at the University of London. Fellow of the RSA. His “Peace & War” Reformation and the docu-video “Art & Fire: A Journey in Five Films”, with Hay Festivals, are available at