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Never Again – Weird Fiction Against Racism and Fascism


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Can we ever say ‘Never again’ – and know that the atrocities of the past won’t be repeated in the future? Here are 23 weird and speculative fiction stories against fascism and racism . . .

In today’s unstable political and economic climate, the far right has gained a stronger political foothold in Europe than at any time since the 1930s. Its combination of racist rhetoric and street violence is a serious threat to our democratic culture and civil rights . . . Never Again is an attempt to voice the collective revulsion of writers in the weird fiction genre against political attitudes that stifle compassion and deny our collective human inheritance. The imagination is crucial to an understanding both of human diversity and of common ground . . . The anthology brings together stories by leading writers of weird fiction alongside new and radical voices: Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Tuttle, Joe R. Lansdale, Kaaron Warren, Rob Shearman, Tony Richards, Andrew Hook, Nina Allan, Gary McMahon, Stephen Volk, Simon Bestwick, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Rhys Hughes, David A. Sutton, Carole Johnstone, R.B. Russell, John Howard, Steve Duffy, Alison Littlewood, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Thana Niveau, Mat Joiner and rj krijnen-kemp . . .

These stories use imagination to look below the surface of intolerance, scapegoating and persecution – not to sicken the reader, but to reveal the power of human resistance and the need to build a society in which victimisation is a thing of the past . . . Never Again is a non-profit initiative aimed at promoting awareness of these issues and raising funds to support human rights organisations.