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Involution and Revolution


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‘Involution & Evolution’ is a story about understanding overcoming compulsion, love overcoming revulsion, and oneness overcoming abuse. A story about the rare sort of kind geniality, and brave morality, which we all possess but seldom use.

A story about a World War One conscientious objector named Alfred Freeman, who does all that he can, to oppose the war and stand for peace. He performs good deeds, helps people with needs, and disobeys his nation’s police.

But the warmakers hit back with acts of persecution, and threats of execution, which leave Alfred writhing in pain. Will he survive? Will he stay alive? Or will his efforts be in vain?

‘Involution & Evolution’ is full of rhythm and full of rhyme, with a message which echoes through time, and will get inside your head. A scathing critique of modern warfare, with spiritual vigour and poetic flair, it is a novel which needs to be read.