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Interviews with Radical Palestinian Women


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The idea for the book came out of a concern that solidarity movements have a tendency only to engage with Palestinians about their fight against Israeli occupation. Sometimes this can be a barrier to seeing them as comrades in our intersecting struggles for a better world and against authoritarianism, white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and state control.

Between 2018 and 2021 we interviewed ten radical Palestinian women, including:

Shahd Abusalama (Gaza/UK)

Lama Suleiman (Haifa)

Sireen Khudairy (Dheisheh refugee camp, West Bank)

Faiza Abu Shamsiyah (Al Khalil, West Bank)

Mona Al-Farra (Gaza)

Rana Abu Rahmah (Bil’in, West Bank)

Listening to their voices will help people outside Palestine to see the Palestinian struggle in a three dimensional way and to better understand Palestinian radicals as allies in our global struggles for freedom.