Freedom Press

Freedom Winter 2019/20


Freedom is the oldest anarchist publication in the English language. Produced by Freedom Press, it was founded in 1886 and continues today as a bi-annual journal available for donation with an associated daily news site, publishing service and bookshop. Based in Whitechapel, the Freedom Press collective runs on a nonprofit and largely volunteer basis.

In this Winter issue, we look at:

  • Housing crisis
  • Domestic murder and migration
  • Interview: Aberdeen Radical Social Centre
  • Introducing: The Bi Pandas
  • Your guide to activist legal support
  • Left music vs racism and Brexit
  • Repression and rebellion in West Papua and Indonesia
  • WCF’s disturbing far-right network
  • Re-Constitution: After the Westminster crisis
  • Tribute to Donald Rooum
  • Freedom update
  • An anarchist crossword