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Freedom Press: Spain Bundle


This Freedom Press bundle features two titles on the Spanish Civil War; The May Days (Barcelona 1937) and Fighting Women. Each book gives in-depth and first hand insights into specific aspects of the struggle, namely women’s experiences and the May Day related uprisings of 1937.

Fighting Women is a collection of interviews by Isabella Lorusso, translated for the first time into English, with women who fought on the front lines of the Spanish Civil War in battle and, importantly, on the ‘second front’ of liberation with men in their own ranks.

Also included is The May Days is a collection of detailed accounts, out of print for many years, of the May Days armed struggle in Barcelona 1937. Included, amongst others, are Emma Goldman’s attempts to visit political prisoners and August Souchey’s first hand experience of the uprising itself.



Fighting Women

Interviews With Veterans of the Spanish Civil War

by Isabella Lorusso
ISBN: 978-190449-1-35-4
Freedom Press, 2020

This series of interviews with participants in the Spanish Civil War offers a unique insight into the two-front revolution that women were trying to achieve in the 1930s, putting their lives on the line to fight fascism while confronting men whose commitment to liberation too often stopped at their own front door.

Undertaken from the late 1990s through to the 2010s, Isabella Lorusso’s work was sadly timely, taking place even as the last members of that generation who participated in the conflict passed away. An informal interviewer, she captures the humanity of these remarkable people in a way that other historic texts cannot — and often highlights the flaws and conflicted realities that bubbled under the surface of complex events.

Lorusso’s work, translated into English for the first time, stands as both a tribute and social history for these revolutionaries, whose actions and visions of the future continue to inspire and inform today.


Review of the Spanish version in El Pais:

“She scratched through history to find the Republican women who had fought tooth and nail during the conflict and whose memory was lost. Anarchist, militia, Marxist or Communist women, of different ideologies but with the same common denominator: making their voice heard.”



The May Days

Barcelona 1937

From the blurb:
Most academics treat the May Days in Barcelona 1937 as ‘a minor incident in the Spanish Civil War’ in spite of the fact that in the armed struggle that took place, casualties – 500 killed and 1000 wounded – were actually greater that in the first week of the military uprising in Barcelona on July 19 1936..

..with contributions by Augustin Souchy, Jose Peirats, Burnett Bolloten and Emma Goldman

Freedom Press
First Published 1987, this edition 1998
ISBN: 0-900384-39-5
126 pages
Black and White